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#1 Dance Protege
Winner of Cutest Pose Award
Fastest Sprinter in Town


a friend you can depend on
anytime, anywhere

"There is something different about Cheetahboo.
I was singing along right away. Very enticing."

Faithful viewer from
the Planet Evergreen - Sundol

Untill every child in this world is happy

A dependable friend helping children
whenever and wherever

Cheetah with a chestnut shaped head and plain fur body, Cheetaboo wants to become a hero who gives help, using his amazing speed, to his friends in need. Although he is still in hero training, he is never lonely because of the presence of his trusted sidekick and friend Hamdong. Not only that, the two of them gets help from ever supportive Dr. Armii, which means their training and missions are always smooth sailing!

On his days off, Cheetahboo makes children's music videos or vlogs his travels to nice spots. He used to take dancing lessons from Zzang, but he doesn't show his dance moves anymore after he realized how good Hamdong was.


Cheetahboo Family


Cheetahboo children's songs
and other videos

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Various Character IPs


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