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Cheetahboo - Nursery Rhymes

Servicing nursery rhyme animated contents in both Korean and English through various channels including Youtube (200K followers) for children between ages 2 and 5. Short 2D animated contents and hundreds of children's songs that are both fun and educational featuring Cheetahboo in all his cuteness.

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Cheetahboo Family

Channel for family travel, outing, field trip destinations introduced by Cheetahboo. Details on key features of each destination, as well as recommendations for parking, places to eat and best itinerary. The contents are both fun and informational with Cheetahboo showing off his cute and comical charm. Available on Instagram, Naver Blog and Youtube. (Korean only)

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Cheetahboo Animation

currently in pre-production stage

Cheetahboo, who has a chestnut shaped head and plain fur body, is a kindhearted boy Cheetah who helps his friend using his blazing speed. But he had very little friends because he was born without any patterns on his body unlike the others. Then one day, he runs into Dr. Armii who was exploring various planets including Earth. Armii immediately recognizes Cheetahboo's warm heart and his amazing speed, but also that Cheetahboo had lost confidence in himself. Armii asks Cheetahboo if he wants to join her on her explorations. The universe is a big place and there are all kinds of friends who would love to meet him.

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